Things to Remember on your WREB Exam Day

5 Things to Remember on your WREB Exam Day

Even after spending years in dental school, training, and taking various exams, anxiety before the WREB exam is still common. The best way to minimize any pre-exam butterflies is proper and methodical preparation. It is difficult to know exactly what to expect, especially if this is your first time taking the WREB exam. Here are the top things to remember on your WREB exam day to help reduce stress and focus on passing the boards.  

Exam Protocol 

It is very important that you fully understand the testing protocol before your exam date. The official WREB exam guide outlines the strict requirements with which all students must comply. These include the testing location details, what to bring to the exam and what ID is needed in order to be admitted. An excellent way to prepare for the exam and reduce anxiety is to review the exam protocol and ensure you understand everything you need to bring for the test day. 


The WREB exam requires two pieces of valid ID in order to enter the testing facility. As specified in the official exam guide “you must appear in person and provide two (2) valid, non-expired forms of identification, one of which must be primary and one may be secondary.” 

Prior to the exam, during your registration, you will also be required to submit a professional photo that will act as your ID badge on test day. Ensure this is done prior to the exam so you will have proper ID available. As mentioned in the WREB guidelines: “This image becomes a component of your individual Candidate Profile at WREB and will be included on all score reports to schools and state licensing boards. Your profile photo is used to create an individual WREB Candidate ID Badge for the exam.”

There are so many different things to remember on your WREB exam day and it can feel overwhelming. However, start small and be sure you have your ID information ready to enter the exam. 

Testing Location

Likewise, you do not want to get lost or be late for your exam. We suggest that you carefully review parking and arrival times for your specific testing location. 

Ensure you know where to go on exam day and try to arrive early in case there are any setbacks. It’s best to visit the testing location beforehand if possible, and go through the scenario of parking and walking into the test location. 

You do not want to worry about getting a parking ticket, or wandering halls to find your test room on the day of your exam. Avoid this stressful situation altogether by familiarizing yourself with the testing grounds and the remainder of the testing protocols beforehand. 

Instruments and Tools 

Before you leave for your exam, you should review all of the tools that you are bringing with you. Ensure you have all of the equipment required to finish your procedures including handpieces and burs for prostho, endo, and operative, rubber dam clamps and frames, endo instruments, and operative instruments. A rotary handpiece, rotary burs, k files, and endo sealer are also needed as well as a curing light. If you require tools for your exam, be sure you have your instrument rentals arranged ahead of time. 

At WREB Success, we know that most students do not have a complete set of dental tools of their own. We provide equipment rental kits which are carefully prepared with everything you need for exam day. Our WREB exam tool rental services are available in the Los Angeles area, for students who are taking the exam locally and are looking for WREB exam tool rentals in the state of California. 

In-Class Preparation

The best way to reduce exam anxiety is to take a mock WREB Exam. This way you will have a much better idea of what to expect during the live session. You can do this on your own or with an instructor. There are many different ways to study for the exam. It is up to you to use the method you know best. However, there is a significant benefit to taking a mock exam in-person with an instructor. WREB Success is an intensive WREB exam preparatory course; it aims to give students the hands-on practice and experience they need to feel confident on test day. 

Our team provides a complete mock WREB exam and our instructors will provide helpful feedback and assistance, so you know how you can improve. You will learn exactly what to expect during your exam. All of our students have passed the exam on their first try. You can register for WREB Success in-person in our Los Angeles location. You can also access the program online and learn remotely. 

Prepare for the WREB Exam with WREB Success 

This is one of the most important examinations you will take in your career. Your success in this exam opens up doors to a wide breadth of opportunities to practice as a dentist in most states. At WREB Success, we train our students and help them understand exactly what to expect on test day. 

We perform a complete mock exam and provide feedback, so you can feel completely confident. We cover all sections of the exam and we also have instrument rentals and patient finding services available for our students. Our instructors, Dr’s Azy and Arezoo Nasiry will guide you through the entire exam from start to finish. Contact us to enroll in WREB Success today.