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About WREB Success

WREB Success is a 3 day, intensive prep course for the Western Regional Examinations (WREB) In this course, you get hands-on guidance from our experienced dentists. We carefully walk you through all aspects of the exam so you know what to expect and what you need to know to pass. After the course, you should feel confident in your abilities and be ready to take the WREB exams. Learn more on our program information page.

Our WREB Success course offers 3 days of training. The course includes:

  • Hands-On Training on typodonts
  • Endo Access and Obturation
  • Class II and III Preparation
  • Periodontal Scaling Guidance
  • In-Depth Review of passing requirements
  • CTP Overview and sample tests
  • Mock board exam

For a detailed (hour by hour) description of the course subject matter visit our course information page. We will cover operative, endo, and perio as well as provide study materials for the CTP.

Our intensive program runs for 3 days. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and experience you need to pass the WREB exam. Our experienced dentists give you the individual attention and counsel you need to feel confident and prepared.

WREB Success is a brand new program. It was founded in early 2017 when we noticed the need for a program like this. This is a unique hands-on prep class for the WREB exams which includes both practical and didactic mentorship.

The WREB Success program runs out of Los Angeles. Our location is a ten-minute drive from USC Dental School. You do not need to take your WREB exams in LA, however. We can provide patients, assistants, and teeth, and send them to your location. Our patients are residents of Los Angeles, so you would be responsible for accommodation and travel costs for them should you choose to use our services outside of LA. If you take the exams in Los Angeles, we can also offer you instrument rentals for the exam. We provide all the instruments you should need to complete the exam.

Sisters and dental professionals Dr. Azy and Arezoo Nasiry are both the founders and primary instructors in this program. They have both taken the Western Regional Exams and want to help you do the same. You can learn more on our About Us page.

Instrument Rentals And Assistants

We rent instruments for $3000 for the weekend. We include everything you need to complete the exam. You can pick up the instruments on Friday and return them on Monday. We will provide a list of all instruments for you to review prior to the pickup date.

If there are specific items that you prefer, we suggest that you bring those items yourself. We provide the items we use ourselves in our practice for these procedures. You can bring your own instruments or rent them from us if you are taking the exam locally. We currently do not rent instruments for out of state exams.

Yes, we can provide assistants. Our assistant fee is $1800 for the weekend and we advise that you book soon as they get taken fast. Once you have decided on an assistant we will set up a phone interview. All assistants have extensive previous board experience.

Our assistants are highly experienced. These assistants have helped numerous dentists for WREB exams. Some have been doing this for over twenty years. They know how to help you with paperwork, patient management, and keep you on time. They even know the examiners so they have insider tips and tricks that can be very valuable.

We have extracted teeth for the endodontic portion of the exam. We will send you radiographs of the teeth to approve. Teeth are $500.

Patient Finding Services

Yes. We will work with you to make sure your patients have lesions you are comfortable working on. All our patients have been screened by a dentist at our office. We choose reliable people and thoroughly inform them of the exam procedure and what to expect during the exam. Once you commit to using our services, we will begin looking for patients for you. We will send you radiographs to approve. To learn more about the patients we provide visit our patient information page. Our fee is $3000 per lesion or per quadrant of perio. We can also provide backup patients if you are local to Los Angeles. All of our eligible patients have been screened by a dentist and are residents of Los Angeles.

We find patients through screening our own patients in our practice. Our fee is $3000/lesion or per quadrant of perio. Our patients are local to Los Angeles. If you are taking the exam here, we will provide you with back up patients. Once you decide to work with us, we will send you radiographs of suitable patients for you to review and approve. Our patients will meet you at the school on the morning of your exam with all paperwork completed (health history, consent, and follow up care agreement).

We can provide patients for your out of state exam as well but we prioritize our patient procurement plan for those who are also taking the WREB Success course. All of our patients are local to Los Angeles. We can arrange for travel and accommodation for your patients or you can choose to take your exams in Los Angeles. You would be responsible for travel and hotel expenses for your patient should you choose to take the exam elsewhere.

Once you have made a commitment to use our services, we will begin looking for patients specifically for you. All our patients are evaluated by a dentist at our practice. Once we have suitable candidates for you, we will forward radiographs and any other records that we have available such as perio measurements and photographs and you can choose the patient you would prefer.

You can bring your own patients to the exams. You will be responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses.

Course Fees, Registration And Important Dates

Our 3-Day Hands-On WREB Success Course: $2,599

Patient Finding Service: $3000/lesion and $3000/quadrant of perio

We require a $1000 deposit to reserve your spot in the course. The remaining balance can be paid before the course start.

WREB Success operates out of Los Angeles, California.


3-Day Hands-On Course ($2,599)

May 24 – 26, 2019

You can register online here or contact us for more details.

We currently offer an online version of the course as well. This option is beneficial for those who may not be able to travel to Los Angeles. We also have several study tips and informational videos posted on our WREB Success YouTube channel. You can also visit our Facebook page for information about our upcoming courses.

We also offer an online version of the WREB Success program. Our online course goes over all the sections of the WREB exam. We’ll show you what you need to know and give you tips on passing the WREB successfully. You can register for the online course here.

When you take the hands-on WREB Success course you will have access to all of the information in our online course as well.

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