How to find Patients for the WREB Exam

How to find Patients for the WREB Exam

You are required to provide your own patients for the WREB exam. It is considered part of the testing process for students to properly assess patients and determine whether or not they are acceptable. However, there can be so much to think about before the WREB exam, finding patients is often the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, WREB Success provides patient-finding services in Los Angeles. So you can focus on preparing for the exams, rather than locating patients. 

WREB Exam Patient Requirements 

The WREB exam guide outlines the strict patient requirements for the exam. The patient’s age and medical history are all important factors in the selection process. 

Medical History 

All patients for the WREB exam must be in good health, they must comply with all health standards outlined, both physical and psychological. As stated in the WREB guidelines: “A patient should not be selected who is apprehensive, hypersensitive, or is unable to remain until the examination is completed.” 

All patients must have a clear understanding of the procedures that will take place in the WREB exam, and stay calm on the day of the exam. For a detailed list of patient health requirements, visit

Age Restrictions

According to the official WREB guidelines, patients must be a minimum of 18 years of age to participate in the Periodontal Treatment procedure. However, there is not a minimum age for the Operative procedures section. If a patient is under 18 for this portion of the WREB exam, a parent or guardian must fill out a consent form. This is located on the patient’s medical history form. It should be noted that eligible patients may not have completed over 2 years of dental school. 

WREB Grading Factors 

Your choice in patients is part of the exam and you will be assessed for whether or not your patients are qualified and suitable for the procedures being tested. It is important to carefully assess your patients beforehand and explain exactly what will occur during the examination process. Your patients will be more at ease during the exam when they know what to expect. 

WREB Success Patient Finding Services 

At WREB Success, our goal is to enable new dentists and help them pass the WREB exam. It can be difficult to find the right patients for your exams so we created WREB Success’ patient finding services. 

Board Qualified Patients

Our patients are all trusted clients of our dental clinic. They are all assessed by our staff and consent to participate in the exam. We educate our patients on the exam process and they are aware of the procedures that will be performed. We only accept the most qualified and willing patients from our client base. 

WREB Patients in Los Angeles 

All of our patients are from the Los Angeles, CA area. They can travel locally and we can provide patients for both UCLA Dental School as well as USC Dental School

Cost of Patient Finding Services 

At WREB Success, our patient services start at $3000 USD. You may only need one patient, depending on which portions of the exam you take. It is your job to educate your patients with regards to the exam date, test location, and timing. Learn more about the cost of our patient finding services on our FAQ page. 

Take a WREB Exam Preparation Course

At WREB Success, our students practice on typodonts mounted on dental chairs, so you will gain experience and knowledge of all of the procedures before the exam. Our students will get didactic and clinic training on all the sections of the WREB exam, including operative, periodontics, prosthodontics, and endodontics.

Our instructors will let you know what the examiners watch for, so you can practice in a realistic exam setting. With hands-on, one-on-one guidance from our instructors, our students have the best chance to pass their exam the first time.  Instructors Azy and Arezoo Nasiry have both taken the WREB exam and are trained dentists working in Los Angeles at family-owned LA Dental Clinic. They have been teaching the WREB course for four years, and they are both faculty instructors at UCLA Dental School.

They created WREB Success because they saw a need for a WREB training program that would get dentists the hands-on experience they need. Patients are just one portion of the exam, sign up for our upcoming courses in Los Angeles, and get the training you need to pass your boards. 

Contact WREB Success to Find Patients in Los Angeles

Our team at WREB Success wants to be sure you pass your board exams. Finding the right patients can make a difference and help to put you at ease, so you can focus on what matters – passing the WREB exam. 

Our patient finding services provide board patients in Los Angeles. Our WREB patient services can be done in conjunction with our WREB Success Course. An online course covering all the sections of the exam is also available, if you are unable to attend an in-person class, so you can get the practice you need to pass the boards. Contact us today to learn more.