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What Does the WREB Success Course Cover?

WREB Success is a fast-paced, integrated program that combines hands-on work with typodonts and in-class examples to help you review and practice what you need to know for the WREB exam day. This 2-day intensive course at our dental clinic in Los Angeles covers everything you need to know for your WREB exams and also includes tool rentals.

Sisters, Dr. Azy and Arezoo Nasiry founded the WREB Success program when they saw that there was a real lack of similar prep courses in Los Angeles. These two practicing dentists own and operate a dental clinic in the heart of Los Angeles and utilize their location, knowledge, and passion to create WREB Success.

You need to pass the WREB exam to become a practicing dentist in most parts of the United States. With WREB Success, Azy and Arezoo Nasiry share their valuable knowledge and experience while helping you prepare for and pass your WREB Exams. 

WREB Success has helped many dentists become certified in Los Angeles. For a complete (hour by hour) overview of the WREB Success program, visit our course outline. The WREB Success program is based on the official WREB website’s outline which describes, in detail, the key factors students need to know for the exam. 

WREB Prosthodontics and Operative Section

On day one of your two-day WREB Success prep course, you will get live demonstrations as well as hands-on experience in the prosthodontics and operative portion of the exam. 

You will work on typodont teeth (the same as you will be using in the WREB Exam), to practice class II and III restorations. The prosthodontics portion of the exam involves crown and bridge preps on typodont teeth. On the actual WREB exam, the prosthodontics portion of the exam is an elective section. However, the material is still thoroughly covered in the WREB Success program. 

Day one of the exam prep is a full day of operative and prostho practice. In the morning, we will cover rubber dam placement and you will get hands-on experience with prepping and placing a rubber dam. You will also go over class II and III prep and fill review. Lastly, to finish off the morning session, we cover central incisor all-ceramic crown preparation. 

You will be graded on your class II and III restorations by our instructors, and given feedback accordingly. 

The afternoon session will consist of practice creating the putty matrix, practice with ACC prep #9 and a continuation of practice involving class II and III prep and fill. 

The first day should leave you feeling confident in your operative and prosthodontic abilities. You will have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and get the one on one guidance needed to succeed in this portion of the exam. 

WREB Endodontics Section

The Endodontics portion of the WREB exam lasts roughly 3 hours with 30 minutes to set up. It has two parts, the first is to successfully demonstrate your ability to access, instrument and obturate a (plastic) central incisor. The second is to access a plastic first molar and identify the various canals. 

In the WREB Success program, you will be working with plastic teeth, much like the teeth on your exam day. You will have time to practice the ideal methods of accessing and obturating these teeth using rotary files and/or hand files. 

In order to help you prepare, Dr’s Azy and Arezoo Nasiry will share a live, in-class example of the procedure. And students will be able to follow along and ask questions during the process. Each student’s work will be carefully assessed and feedback will be given to help you improve your techniques. 

Endodontics will be covered in detail on the second day of your WREB Success course. The morning will largely consist of a teaching session involving Endo Max Central Incisor review access, instrumentation and obturation. It will also include Endo Mand Molar access and 3-unit bridge PFM/gold preparation and review. 

The afternoon session will be completely hands-on. Students will practice upper incisor endo access, instrumentation and obturation on typodonts. You will also get to practice lower molar access and 3-unit bridge prep. Under the supervision and guidance of our instructors. 

Day two will end with a review and tailored advice specific to your needs. There is certainly a lot of material to cover. But Dr’s Azy and Arezoo Nasiry will be there to ensure you feel – comfortable, confident and ready to write your exam. 

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Mock Board Exam & CTP Overview

The WREB Success course finishes with an overall review of the materials covered. As well as a mock exam at the end of the 2-day program. Students will be able to experience the full extent of their WREB exam day prior to their actual exam. They will be graded and given advice on what to practice before their real exam. We also provide online study material for the Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP) Exam

WREB Tool Rentals 

We understand that many of our students may not have all of the necessary equipment needed for exam day. That is why we offer dental instrument rentals in the Los Angeles area specifically for the WREB exams. We organize your equipment and ensure you have all the tools required for test day. 

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Preparing for your WREB exam day does not need to be as stressful as you may think. With WREB Success, you get the experience, mentors, and in-depth approach needed to succeed on the exam. Become a practicing dentist in California by passing your boards. Click to register for our next course or call for program availability: (213) 341-6857.