WREB Exam Instruments

What Instruments Do I Need for the WREB Exam?

The WREB exam is essential for those looking to practice dentistry in the state of California. This test is also widely used throughout the country as the final step to becoming a certified dentist or hygienist. During the exam, dental students are expected to bring their own patients, assistants, and instruments. 

At WREB Success, we aim to make test day as stress-free as possible. That is why we offer instrument rentals and patient finding services, as well as a 3-day preparatory course. So you can focus on what matters, passing your WREB exams. You should feel equipped with all of the right instruments on test day, let’s explore the tools needed for the WREB exam, and the various rental resources available. 

Equipment for the Operative Procedure

Materials you Must SupplyWREB Exam Operative Equipment

During the WREB exam operative section, you will be required to successfully perform a restoration on your patient. The restoration can be made up of a composite, gold, or amalgam material. Firstly, you will be required to provide the following materials for this section: 

  1. #4 or #5 front-surface metal mouth mirror
  2. Pigtail explorer
  3. Shepherd’s hook explorer
  4. Three 2” x 2” gauze pads
  5. Patient Bib
  6. Patient Eye Protection

For the complete list of instruments, you can reference the WREB Official Guidelines

Equipment for the Endodontic Procedures 

The Endodontic Section of the WREB exam is 3 hours long. In this time period, you must complete two procedures. These include the Anterior Tooth Procedure and the Posterior Tooth Procedure. In the exam you will be supplied with certain materials, however, you will also be expected to bring tools of your own. It is essential that you provide all other supplies, as well as any special equipment or mechanical files.

Materials Provided

In the Simulation Lab, you will receive a ziplock bag with: 

  1. Your assigned teeth
  2. Two preoperative radiographic views for your teeth
  3. An Endodontic Worksheet (sample, pg. 76).

Materials you Must Supply

  1. The maxillary Endo arch with the carrier tray and three removable sextants. 
  2. The mandibular Endo arch with the carrier tray and three removable sextants. 
  3. An Articulator may be required at some locations (check with your testing facility.) 

Equipment for the Periodontal Procedure

Materials you Must Supply

In the periodontal section of the exam, you will perform scaling and root planing on your patient. You must be equipped with all of the materials required for the procedure and your patient. These include: WREB Exam Materials

  1. Patient Bib
  2. Patient Eye Protection
  3. #4 or #5 metal front surface mirror
  4. ODU 11/12 explorer
  5. Color-coded 3-6-9-12 mm periodontal probe
  6. Three 2″ x 2″ gauze pads

WREB Instrument Rental Guidelines

Under the WREB exam guidelines, dental students may bring their own instruments or rent equipment. Many dental schools have rental instruments available for students. However, there are also certain tools and pieces of equipment provided to students, on the exam day. As noted in the guide, “Although schools supply some expendable materials, you are responsible for ensuring that you have all the materials necessary to perform the required procedures, including high-speed and low-speed handpieces and periodontal scaling devices.” – WREB Official Guide 

Most students do not own all of the equipment required for the WREB exam. This is understandable and there are many rental services available that can help. 

Where Can I Rent WREB Instruments? 

Dental School Rentals 

Most certified dental schools will offer instrument rentals. You can inquire with your program facilitator or the WREB exam page for details on renting from your school. However, most dental schools that offer equipment rentals have a limited supply of packages for students. It is a good idea to apply for instrument rentals early if you are considering this option. 

WREB Success Instrument Rentals

WREB Success provides instrument rentals locally, in Los Angeles, CA. We rent our instruments out to students taking exams at both UCLA and USC locations. If you are taking the WREB exam out of state; they can be shipped to your location as well. We offer instrument rental kits that provide all the instruments you need for the operative, endodontic, and periodontal clinical exams. 

At WREB Success, we ensure you have all of the equipment you need for the exam day. We also offer an intensive training course which gives you hands-on experience before your test day. Our family-run practice offers small class sizes and training from dental professionals working in Los Angeles. Our program ensures that you feel confident and prepared for test day, equipped with all of the tools you require.

How Much do Instrument Rentals Cost?

WREB Success makes instrument rentals easy. Our kit rental fee is $3,000 USD. Our kits are versatile and easy to transport to your testing location. Moreover, each kit comes complete with 7 boxes, which are organized specifically for each section of the exam. Learn more about WREB kit rentals on our complete list of tools provided

WREB Exam Instrument Rentals in Los Angeles

At WREB Success, we enable our clients and students with the tools they need to succeed. Likewise, our courses give you the practice you need to feel confident during the exam. All of our students get hands-on experience working with the instruments they will use on test day. If you are interested in WREB exam instrument rentals, contact us, call (213) 341-6857, email: drnasiry@wrebsuccess.com or fill out a request form online today.